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Galeria Impacto Periferico

Galeria de Impacto Periférico: plataforma digital que valoriza artistas de favela e baixa renda com leilões diários. Oferece workshops e financia propostas em comunidades.

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With the aim of increasing the visibility and representativeness of artists belonging to minority groups and promoting cultural diversity in the art industry, we created the Impacto Periférico Gallery.It is a digital art gallery where works by plastic artists from urban peripheries and other social minorities will be made available. The gallery offers a space for emerging and influential artists to exhibit their works, in a blockchain-safe and inclusive environment based on their ideals, which uses NFT technology for registration and distribution of resources for sale via blockchain through smart contracts. Focused on artists from urban peripheries and other minorities 70% of sales from NFTs go to artists and 30% go back to the back of the gallery focused on social projects and the preparation of early stage artistsIn addition to the art exhibitions, the Impacto Periférico gallery will also promote events in partnership with physical galleries that share the vision that everyone should be and feel represented in all spaces. The Gallery also aims to accelerate early-stage artists and will also provide incentives for artistic and cultural projects for the gallery's artist communities, encouraging the involvement and participation of local people.

apresentation - https://www.canva.com/design/DAFhhE5QBlw/R9mnShHFoOATuAGyZYqk5Q/view?utm_content=DAFhhE5QBlw&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link&utm_source=recording_view

GitHub- https://github.com/MateusMo/Galeria-Impacto-Periferico/blob/master/README.md