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Github: https://github.com/encoreone/hackathon

Project name: encorexpress

Project description:

This project is a website specifically designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities. The site provides access to information and functionality for maximum convenience for users with various types of disabilities.

Main functionality of the project:

Changing font sizes:

An important feature of the site is the ability for users to easily adjust font sizes to suit their individual needs. This improves text readability and makes the site more accessible to people with limited vision.

Adaptive design:

Did not have time :(


For the convenience of users, the site includes shopping cart functionality that allows you to add and manage products or services. This is especially important for users who may have limited mobility and prefer to shop online.


The project actively follows the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and enforces regulatory requirements for websites to ensure maximum accessibility and usability for all users.

Informative content:

The site provides information about products that may be useful to users with disabilities. The content on the site is structured and clearly presented to ensure easy access to information.

Partial management of sites using the keyboard.

This project demonstrates a commitment to creating a website that is open and accessible to everyone, regardless of their specific needs and abilities.

This is my first hackathon and I’m not very pleased with myself, because I simply lost most of the time, but the experience that this event brought me was simply colossal.

I hope next time I will show myself at 100%