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The overall goal is to build up a concept and prototype it as a low-cost personal protective equipment (PPE) detection method, making sure construction workers are wearing their PPE properly during the construction process.

In our initial prototype we adopted construction helmet as an example.

We build up a circuit that could be controlled by simple button and reed switch to achieve logical switch.  An IR remote is connected to this circuit and used to send infrared signals, representing different wearing conditions of PPE. It can send infrared light down to the Raspberry Pi attached on the belt, which is responsible of collecting local data and sending to server.

In the initial prototyping process, we used Raspberry Pi connected with infrared receiver to fulfill the function of information receiving and processing. Assisted with Node-RED built in Raspberry Pi, a GUI was created to represent the PPE wearing condition with corresponding images. Besides, the PPE wearing condition along with its time would be recorded for further analysis and management. 

Main advantages lie in that we do not mess with information that should be treated by other people.  The calculation process would be conducted by the information exchange center, or further pushed into a more powerful central server. Besides, the cost for each set of mobile PPE detection is rather low, which gives more commercial potential for its wide usage