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DC4.0 is a digital solution to remove inefficiencies in the construction supply chain through the use of IoT & Blockchain technology to provide the engineers with visibility along the supply chain.

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The management of materials and information flows are very important strategic priorities for construction firms. A good performance in these areas can provide the construction companies with significant benefits and will allow the adding of greater value for customers. The construction supply chain is a process that is highly fragmented & where the effective integration of the different activities across the supply chain is necessary to obtain excellent results & provide the best customer experience.

DC4.0 is the next-generation construction industry solution that provides a single & effective platform for construction firms to effectively take control of their entire supply chain. DC 4.0 removes the inefficiencies across the construction supply chain by providing greater visibility into different activities across the supply chain.

DC 4.0 Capabilities:

  • Effective real-time tracking of construction materials through sensor-based data collection & visibility on the DC 4.0 platform.
  • An effective Blockchain-based SaaS solution for contract management and efficient communication in construction projects.
  • A predictive analytics platform that takes advantage of historical project data and produces accurate estimates for new projects.