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Our project is a simple and interactive APA Authorized Person Access system which is an optional subscription based service that allows the customer to manage who can operate a certain tool of his inventory.

This project provides variety of use cases :

-  First to manage WHO can operate a tool : 

This is the main idea of the project, in hindsight many hardware in a construction site require a certain professional level or the a site manager wishes to be able to control which worker can use this tool or not.  

- Second to keep track of REAL working hours : 

All working tools require regular maintenance, by keep a track and a record of exactly how much of working hours we but on a hardware, we will be able to schedule routine maintenance and service more effectively, which will lead to a less outage in the tool lifeline.

- Third Theft Prevention :

Knowing that hardware will only work after a site manager authentication, may provide a less likelihood of this tool to be stolen.