Power tools are used in all construction projects for various purposes. As power tools are more efficient and increases productivity they are frequently used in construction sites. In large sites tracking the power tools and their service requirements are quite challenging. Breakdown of power tools in middle of an important job can seriously affect the works if a replacement is not available immediately. An attempt has been made in this project to track and monitor the health of the power tools, shorter service time, better inventory management of spares with help of technology which can give better user experience to the customer with minimum works disruption. 


Problem Description: 

The Hilti tools used at construction sites have moving parts and other parts which require servicing at regular intervals or when any part is damaged. 

When the machine or tool requires servicing, the tool has to be sent to the servicing centre. If a spare machine is available with the customer or Hilti the work can proceed without interruption. 

In most of the cases, the machine breaks down during its use at the construction site without warning and the works get severely affected. It has been noticed that machines do not have any indicator to give distress signal prior to the breakdown or when the routine servicing is due as per its uses.

Once the machine is breakdown, it follows the following path:

  1. Day 1 – Booking by customer for machine servicing
  2. Day 2 – Picking up of machine by third party courier
  3. Day 3 – Machine at Hilti Service Centre 
  4. Day 4 – Machine repairing and dispatch from the service center to customer
  5. Day 5 – Machine reached to customer

The above cycle has to be followed every time a tool needs servicing and this sometimes happens during an important job in progress which eventually hinders the work progress at any job site.

Problem Solution:

The team has proposed the solution through data collection from the tools and analysis of the collected data in order to create trackers to make corrective decisions for better performance of the tools.

The link for the GitHub has been provided below:

HTOT-Hilti Tools Online Tracking WebPortal