Tool usage tracking for process identification

Seamless and anonymous daily operation tracking from current cornerstone of Construction Industry, workers; to optimize further workflows, predict problems and increase efficiency

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The Project aims to get precise data of daily operations on the construction site using seamless, non human input required technology. In that case I am using RFID reader connected to a safety glovewith an integrated external thin copper antenna, stitched onto inner side of the glove, which is capable of reading cheap RFID stickers on handles of various hand-tools and multiple assets used by hands on construction site. Simultaneously collected data is recorded for a brief time interval (15 mins) and can been sent to a data collection server using LoRa, creating an anonymous daily operation signature to be processed in machine learning systems. By identification of smaller segments of operations, whole process on the construction site can be visualized and better overview can be achieved. This information can help to optimize and solve problems in depth for future developments.

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