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Value Contribution Chains using Near

Mapping value contribution chains allows you to identifying the value of quiet work in a friction free way, that can be resolved on chain when dispersing value outcomes using Near.

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Distributing rewards seamlessly, sharing the wealth in a transparent and equitable way, is the essence of what we hope to achieve with Near.

Social relationships are at the heart of human activities, and no task is done in a vacuum. By mapping the social graph and the chain of interactions that result in tangible value, we can identify the value of quiet contributions of members in our society in a friction free way. In doing so, we can disperse value back to contributors along the chain when outcomes resolve, as payouts, rewards, or social credit. 

We present a potential way of creating such Value Contribution Chains for evaluating contributions seamlessly in a DAO leveraging Near's Proof of Attendance Protocol to tie Ticketing and event rewards, together with a Social Value chain