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ARt Walk

Transforming underutilized spaces into augmented reality gallery spaces

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Exclusivity and an insular art world leave many artists struggling more than they need to. 
Our cities often contain brutalist architecture punctuated by numerous underutilized grey slabs.

What if we could solve both of these problems at the same time? 

Welcome to ARt Walk - an immersive augmented reality art experience  all around you. With only a phone, you can peer into this world - extensions of galleries blending into the metaverse, the act of waiting for a bus turned into a colorful discovery, brick walls coming to life with motion - can you imagine more? 

We can too - and we're building it. 

Artists will be enabled by having their artwork converted to NFTs on their behalf and marketed through the ARt Walk Galleries. Communities coming together trying to find every last one of their favorite local artists' work - and it's not just 2-d art - sculptures, movies, music, and even entire immersive worlds can be built on our platform.