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A web3 photo gallery for self hosting via S3/IPFS that is capable of minting itself as an NFT that displays the latest album or a snapshot version of the album.

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w3gallery is at the forefront of digital art and decentralized technology, sculpting a haven for photographers and artists to exhibit their work with full autonomy. It is a web3 photo gallery that embodies the spirit of self-hosting, leveraging the robustness of S3/IPFS services to empower creators. Each album in w3gallery is not just a collection of images but has the potential to become a living, breathing NFT, showcasing the dynamic flow of an artist's work or a single, immutable snapshot.

Amidst the creative chaos of a hackathon, we've crafted a base album viewer, a seamless window into the soul of digital collections, and established an initial library structure. This groundwork allows users to create posts, write captions, and customize their profiles with images and bios—all pulled from their chosen S3 service, which can be an IPFS provider. This choice ensures that their content, once minted on the NEAR protocol, stands the test of time and remains under their control, adhering to the tenets of decentralization.

While the full integration with NEAR, including the 'Mint to NEAR' capability, is in the pipeline, w3gallery is already a place where artists can lay down the digital bricks of their legacy. The upcoming feature will invite users to transform their galleries into tradable NFTs by entering a mint wallet address, effectively creating a decentralized social network woven into the fabric of the blockchain. This network will celebrate the art of creation and curation, allowing creators to engage with each other through comments and narratives, while admirers immerse themselves in a purely visual experience.

w3gallery is thus more than a gallery; it's a blueprint for a future where art, technology, and community converge. The NEAR protocol will not just support the minting of NFTs but will also be the cornerstone of a decentralized ecosystem where every creator's story is etched into the blockchain, one pixel at a time.