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Transforming biking from a commuting activity to an immersive cultural adventure.

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Team: NearBi(ke)


  • DEMO: https://near.social/fcff4038fecb38b0e63ee9e865f363886415006ec9413ea70dbae598207f201c/widget/Map.Mapbox

  • DOC: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LgljA994dIME1noFd5R7IyFStgamIIMWK1_H1q-uT_k/edit?usp=sharing

  • DECK: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1izcO5CWN1dtyeM_FPYtfKU3JAL0P0f629OMw0Kbw1aQ/edit?usp=sharing 

Problem Space:

New York City, bustling with life, culture, and a unique rhythm of its own, presents a unique challenge and opportunity for sustainable urban living. The increasing need for environmentally friendly transportation and the desire for enriched cultural experiences converge in the landscape of the city. The vision for “NEARBI” is to bridge this gap, transforming biking from a mere commuting activity to an immersive cultural adventure.

Core Functions:

  1. Navigation with Cultural Integration: Users can plan their biking or running routes with an added layer of cultural exploration. The app acts as a navigation guide, akin to Google Maps, but with a twist. It highlights cultural spots, murals, street arts, and historical streets along the route, allowing users to customize their journey with these enriching stops.

  1. Journey Highlights & Cultural Collection: Post-trip, users are presented with a summary of their journey, detailing the distance covered, calories burnt, and average speed. Additionally, users can view and collect the cultural spots they’ve encountered, storing them as POAPs in their linked wallet account and showcasing them as badges on their profile.

  1. Community Engagement & Real-Time Updates: Users are empowered to contribute to the community by dropping pins for accidents, crowded events, or recommended spots, fostering a sense of engagement and responsibility. This not only aids in redirecting other bikers but also enhances the communal knowledge base of the app.

Future Roadmap:

  1. Incentivized Biking: Introduce a token system to reward biking, redeemable at local coffee shops, for Citi bike fees, etc., encouraging a sustainable lifestyle shift.
  2. Community Events & Gatherings: Enable users to post events, creating opportunities for community gatherings, and fostering a sense of belonging and shared purpose.
  3. Token Gated Events: Introduce exclusive events accessible only through tokens, adding an additional layer of community engagement.


🚇 Tracks / Problem Areas Addressed:

  • Community and Cause Engagement: Through real-time updates and community gatherings.

  • Environmental Sustainability: Promoting biking as a sustainable transportation alternative.

  • Housing, Transportation, and Urban Development: Easing congestion and promoting urban mobility.

🗽 Noted Goals Achieved:

I. Engage diverse leaders and professionals through community gatherings and events. II. Ground the project in practicality, with a functional app aiding real-world sustainable transportation. 

III. Develop a prototype that addresses urban mobility and cultural engagement. 

IV. Foster learning and partnerships through community forums and engagement.

Prizes Targeted:

  • 🍎 Bobbing for Apples: Engaging with blockchain technology for the POAP collection.

  • 🏚️ Haunted City: A comprehensive project plan addressing urban development and community engagement.

  • 👻 Ghostly Machine: Utilizing NYC Open Data for real-time updates and cultural spot information.

  • 🌳 Green Ghouls UrbanTech: Addressing sustainability and promoting a green, healthy city life.

  • ⚫ The Scary Black Button: Potentially integrating a Halloween-themed cultural exploration or community event feature.

  • 🏅 General Prize: Initiative Awards: Fulfilling various civic initiatives listed in the guidelines, especially focusing on community engagement, environmental sustainability, and open web technology.


With “NEARBI”, we are not just creating an app; we are fostering a movement, a shift towards sustainable living, cultural enrichment, and community engagement. Join us on this journey, and let’s bike around New York, collecting culture, one ride at a time.