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Trailblazer inspires community engagement around sustainable lifestyle practices, whilst rewarding users for making conscious efforts to prioritize eco-friendly decisions in their everyday lives.

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TrailBlazer encourages a green lifestyle but promoting everyday choices towards sustainability. From navigation to shopping, TrailBlazer takes mundane everyday tasks to the next level by encouraging green decisions in every step.


  • Navigation tool that shows different modes of transportation together with their carbon footprint and calories burnt. This make users always aware of their contributions to emissions as they go about their lives.
  • Prominent display of green and sustainable businesses, which increases their visibility
  • Ability to earn points for making green/healthy decisions (eg. choosing to walk over driving the car)
  • Spend the points on abovementioned green and sustainable businesses
  • Leave-a-note about sustainable lifestyle at a geographical location, to enhance community engagement

All data is uploaded and stored on the blockchain:

Notes left on trail: https://testnet.nearblocks.io/address/postednotes.testnet#contract

Points tracker: https://testnet.nearblocks.io/address/nexusapp.testnet#contract 

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