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Connectify aims to use smart contracts and LLMs to ensure and enforce appropriate use of funds collected through donations.

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Project Name: Connectify

Team Members: Beverly Wan, Eric Zhang, Sean Manik

Problem Space/Track: 🕳️ Going Over the Edge: Collective Extelligence (LLM Model Governance & Alignment)

Click here to see our app in action: https://tinyurl.com/44f57wpw

Connectify aims smart contracts and LLMs to ensure and enforce appropriate use of funds collected through donations.


We want to encourage greater participation by stakeholders in policymaking, especially from groups that are unheard. Hence, we created an accessible bot on Telegram where any user will be able to provide feedback about problems they see in the city and possibly share solutions to these problems.

The feedback will be collected and immediately uploaded to the NEAR Protocol blockchain for storage, which enhances transparency and helps to propagate the troubles of residents. Policymakers will then be able to ask the bot to suggest policies. The bot will retrieve feedback data from the blockchain by reading off the smart contract we deployed, and identify the most pressing issues in a particular area. The data will then be passed to LLMs which will generate a suggested policy to be implemented.

To bridge the gap between stakeholders and policymakers, the bot offers a unique feature. Policymakers can request policy suggestions, and the bot will retrieve relevant feedback data from the blockchain through a deployed smart contract. By harnessing Language Model Models (LLMs), the system generates suggested policies tailored to address the most pressing issues in specific areas.

Key Features:

  • Smart contract enforces fund allocation rules
  • Smart contract automatically closes fundraising function after hitting target fundraise goal
  • Smart contract automatically rejects transactions that violate original fund allocation rules
  • All transactions are published to the blockchain which enhances transparency


Codebase: https://github.com/seanmanik/hackoween-gote

Smart Contract: https://testnet.nearblocks.io/address/nycsuggestions1.testnet

Telegram Bot: @NYC_FeedbackBot (Run /suggest to trigger LLM policy generation)

View all our project submissions here: https://sly-maple-1dd.notion.site/b256eb51e0f844bd91c8da22e921e6a1?v=24c3dbc1fba14db9903995c7842024d8&pvs=4