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Try our app to interact in NYC!

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Taein Um, Yongjung Shin, Juyoung Yun, Joseph Seo


Purpose: WatchNY is an innovative application crafted to elevate the user's experience in New York City. It offers insights into the bustling streets and the myriad of events unfolding at every nook and cranny.

Key Features:

Real-time Population Density: The app provides real-time data on population density, empowering users to either steer clear of crowded zones or dive into them to explore the ongoing events.

Location-based Comments: Users can drop comments based on their location, creating a dynamic platform where others can engage and share their experiences about the happenings around them.

Technical Details:


  • Technology: Developed using React Native, ensuring seamless operation on smartphones.
  • User Experience: Prioritizing user-friendly UI and UX, the app offers a straightforward experience. Users can effortlessly check the number of people in a particular street and share their observations through comments.


  • Server: Implemented using Node/Express, ensuring robust performance.
  • Database: MongoDB is employed, optimized for handling vast amounts of data. The database is continually updated with data from the AI model.

AI Model:

  • Technology: The heart of WatchNY, the AI model, harnesses computer vision technology.
  • Data Collection: Footage from security cameras scattered across NYC is analyzed. The YOLO3 pre-trained model plays a pivotal role in this data gathering process.