Be Nice New Yorker

My idea is to make New Yorkers more pleasant and reward them for good deeds.

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            The app "Be Nice New Yorker"


My idea is to make New Yorkers more pleasant and reward them for good deeds.

I want to encourage people to do more good things, and I believe that step by step doing something good will become something normal and regular.

My goal is to establish a fundamental foundation for creating a positive environment for the next generation.

I aim to inspire teenagers to engage in acts of kindness. For instance, a teenager who may not have the means to secure a job for extra cash, but they wanna to attend a basketball game or concert, or afford tutoring services due to their parents' financial constraints. Similarly, it encourages them to take responsibility for their own expenses instead of relying on their parents. Furthermore, volunteers who selflessly dedicate their time and efforts can also be rewarded. To earn points and redeem their awards, users must successfully complete tasks that contribute positively to society.

The Solution: If you are using this application for the first time, you need to log in or register using Near Wallet. When your profile is created, you need to add your selfie from different angles, at least 5 to connect your face with your account. Our artificial intelligence model will detect you every time when you broadcast a video as proof of your good deeds.

If you already have a profile in the application, you log in using your Near Wallet, and you click on the “Start Video Stream“ button, the video stream will last no more than 20 seconds, during which time the user must show their face for identification and present proof that they are making something nice right now. For example, we can train our artificial intelligence model for: garbage collection, street cleaning and parks, plant planting assistance, any volunteer work. And our artificial intelligence should analyze whether this action matches our standard rules or not. If the test passes with the status “Successful”, then one point will be transferred to the user's wallet account. The user collects these points in order to exchange the earned points for a reward that they choose

Each sponsor who wants to join our program will set their parameters in points. How many points are required to get their reward.

  •  Future Possibilities

I have a vision of making our Dapp available to people all over the world, so that everyone can participate in building a better future. Expanding the Range of Good Deeds: As "Be Nice New Yorker" gains popularity, we can expand the range of recognized good deeds. This could include acts like helping the elderly, assisting the differently-abled, supporting local businesses, or even acts of environmental conservation. The goal is to encourage a wide array of positive contributions to society.

Educational Opportunities: In the future, we can partner with educational institutions to offer scholarships or learning opportunities to teenagers who have earned a significant number of points. This would not only reward their good deeds but also empower them with education and skills for a better future.

Corporate and Business Partnerships: Collaborate with local businesses and corporations to offer exclusive rewards and opportunities to users in exchange for their accumulated points. This not only incentivizes more participation but also strengthens the bond between businesses and the community.

Global Expansion: While the app starts as "Be Nice New Yorker," there's potential for expansion to other cities and regions. The concept of encouraging good deeds and rewards can be embraced by people worldwide, creating a global network of positivity.

Non-Profit Integration: Partner with non-profit organizations to facilitate their volunteer programs through the app. This would make it easier for non-profits to connect with volunteers, and users could earn points while contributing to a broader range of social causes.

Blockchain for Transparency: Consider utilizing blockchain technology to ensure transparency in reward distribution and points accumulation. This can build trust among users and sponsors, knowing that the system is secure and incorruptible.

Recognition and Awards: Recognize and celebrate the most active and impactful users on an annual or periodic basis. Award ceremonies and events could encourage healthy competition and further motivate users to make a positive impact.

The future possibilities for "Be Nice New Yorker" are limitless, and the potential to create a more compassionate and supportive community is immense. By continuing to innovate and expand the platform, we can work together to make kindness a way of life for New Yorkers and beyond.

  1. How it's Made

"Be Nice New Yorker" has been crafted using cutting-edge technologies to ensure a seamless and secure experience. The Dapp is built on the Near Protocol SDK, leveraging the power of AWS (Amazon Web Services) for various essential components. Here's a breakdown of the technology stack:

Near Protocol SDK: The foundation of our Dapp is built on the Near Protocol SDK. Near is known for its scalability and developer-friendly ecosystem, making it an ideal choice for building a robust and user-friendly platform.

AWS Kinesis Video Stream: We use AWS Kinesis Video Stream for handling video streaming. This allows users to seamlessly broadcast their acts of kindness, which are crucial for verification and earning rewards.

AWS Recognition Video/Images: AWS Recognition Video/Images is our key technology for facial recognition and object detection within the video streams. It plays a vital role in verifying users' actions and ensuring the authenticity of their good deeds.

AWS Lambda: AWS Lambda is used to execute code in response to specific events. In our Dapp, it serves as the bridge that connects various services, making the app responsive and efficient.

AWS DynamoDB Database: We employ an AWS database to securely store user profiles, transaction records, and other critical data. This ensures that user information and points earned remain safe and accessible.

AWS S3 Buckets: AWS S3 buckets are utilized for efficient and scalable storage of user-uploaded images and video recordings. This contributes to the smooth functioning of the app and helps manage the vast amount of multimedia content.

By integrating these technologies, "Be Nice New Yorker" provides a secure and user-friendly platform for encouraging and rewarding acts of kindness. Our commitment to leveraging the latest tech ensures a reliable and enjoyable experience for all users.