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Augmented Reality Carbon Aware Globe

Visualise carbon intensity by location in Augmented Reality

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In the future we will view and interact with information in an increasingly immersive way.

I created an Augmented Reality proof of concept that calls the Carbon Aware SDK/API endpoint and plots the average carbon intensity of electricity usage on 1st November between 9am and 10am at various locations onto an Augmented Reality globe. 

I love visualising data in an immersive way and believe it will become increasingly prevalent in future to to not only help share and explain concepts but also interact with data and gleam insights that may not have been apparent from traditional 2D interaction.

To that end, we need to create more XR experiences across multiple industries and use cases including sustainability.


The Augmented Reality mobile app was created using Apples AR Framework ARKit, C#, .NET, and the Carbon Aware SDK using Visual Studio for Mac and deployed to my iPhone 13 Pro. 

Future Development

I ran out of time to make the app more dynamic. I would have loved to have provided some basic UI to choose different dates and times and for the carbon intensity scores to be updated accordingly.

The Video

The video can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/81R0sarThog