Materials are attached under assets, including the 2 minute pitch video (also available at the canva link below, it is not loading under the video embedding above), textual pitch slide deck, and a (no-audio) video clickthrough demo of the MVP app.

The Pitch

To wrap up the three weeks of work, the hackathon will end with pitches of your creations. Pitches are composed of two main parts which mostly override one another in the content but have different formats: 

I. Video pitch 

For the video part, you have two strict requirements: 

  • no longer than 2 minutes max (only the first 2 min will be considered)

  • uploaded to Taikai platform when submitting the project

For the rest, it is up to you, but we recommend structuring the video into 4 parts: 1. the problem, 2. the solution, 3. what you accomplished and 4. finally what you are planning to do next. 

So you have 2 minutes to cover 4 topics. We suggest dedicating about 30 seconds for each topic, but you are free to be more flexible. When showing off the demo, we recommend you not doing a walkthrough and focusing on the 2-3 features that help the user the most. 

The link to the video will have to be submitted alongside to your project page on Taikai by midnight 4th November. 

II. Textual pitch submission on Taikai

Composed of answer to 7 questions that you should prepare in advance before submitting to Taikai: 

  1. Describe the problem you are trying to solve
  2. Describe what your project does exactly in layperson's terms
  3. Describe how it uses the API/SDK
  4. Describe how impactful it might be in terms of CO2 reductions and user reach (an example of low reduction but high reach would be targeting website requests,  where a solution could make a very small reduction in CO2 emissions per request, but with millions of requests the impact could be significant. And example of high reduction and low reach would be a chlorine factory, where you might only reach one plant, but that would be enough to cut as many emissions as a few million web requests above.
  5. Describe how feasible it is for you to get to a production ready state with a bit of time or prize money; how feasible it would be for others to implement, and how likely it is that they would choose to use your tool if made available
  6. Describe what is your vision for how the solution you have started to build in this hackathon could make a difference to the world.
  7. The URL to the prototype app and/or code (e.g. Github + e.g.

Under the resource tab, you can download a GSF templated ppt that you can utilize for your pitch. This needs to be submitted, alongside the video by Midnight on Friday 4th November.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on the Discord channels.