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Missed traveling but not sure where and when it is safe to go?

Introducing the WTG App, that will help us explore Southeast Asia, create our travel plans, learn from people and boost our mood and motivation to travel again. It reminds us, no matter where we are, there is a way to go!   

Solution and Use case

This project aims to solve Challenge #4: Tourism and Cultural Heritage. In supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 8 and 10, our team designed the app in promoting decent work and economic growth and reduced inequalities.

The tourism industry is one of the hardest hit by the emergence of COVID-19 Pandemic. The Southeast Asia 2021 Survey shows that the threat to health from the COVID-19 pandemic tops the list of challenges facing the region followed by unemployment and economic recession. This pandemic has been tough but it should not discourage us from traveling again. Through our project, we will be motivated to visit great places in Southeast Asia, to help boost our economy, to reset our body and mind and finally, to improve our health. Indeed, travel is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

This mobile app features the following:

  • Login/Signup
  • Searching function
  • Southeast Asia Infographics
  • Rating and reviews
  • Messages and video chatting
  • Booking, discounts and hot deals
  • Smart, safe and healthy travel planner
  • User travel image, blog and experience
  • Support

Why is our solution unique?

  • Way to Go App is accessible and inclusive. The women, men and other marginalized groups such as IP, PWD, LGBTQ++, and etc. enjoy and share the same ground, same planet. Let us not only learn by the book but also let us take the chance to experience traveling again with the help of this app. Regardless of our gender, age, race, religion, beliefs, culture, ethnicity, nationality, language, social status, ability or disability, we are under the same sky. Indeed, Tourism is for everyone.  
  • Another interesting feature is its ability to provide information about COVID-19 Travel Documents needed in each country such as vaccination card, COVID-19 viral test (regardless of vaccination status), quarantine requirements, face shields and more. This way, we will all have safe and healthy tourism.   
  • Finally, WTG App helps in reviving our economy by promoting rural areas for sustainable tourism. Aside from the featured places in each country, this app encourages users to invite people to visit their hometown, promote activities such as stargazing and more. As the users post/upload something about a certain place, it will reach other users to be more informed by the hidden beauty of Southeast Asia.  

Use of GNSS

The WTG App uses GNSS signals as the user create his/her/their travel plans and at the same time, if he/she/they share travel images, blogs and experiences in different places in Southeast Asia. Moreover, users get notified of new deals and places to be featured near their place once they allow location services on using their smartphones. Together, with the aid of this mobile app, we learn from and impart knowledge to people as we support Tourism for All.

Specific use of Galileo

  • Galileo's Open Service (OS) - free of charge, delivering multiple frequencies will support our project to allows users know their exact position with greater precision. 
  • Moreover, even during leisure (direction-finding at sea or in the mountains, etc.), Galileo's High Accuracy Service (HAS) will provide authentication and high accuracy - positioning accuracy on the order of a few centimeters.

Market potential

The online travel market is being driven by concise and accessible information, quick and easy flight and hotel bookings, growing adoption of the internet services, rating and reviews, and travel options. The group ranges in ages 20-54 years old, are more likely to spend money on travel and visit new places. According to the ASEAN Statistical Yearbook 2020, the total population of all ASEAN states amounted to an estimated 661.5 million inhabitants, where 50.8% of ASEAN Population are ages 20-54. Thus, by studying publicly available sources, we have found out that in our target group there are as follows:

Global and Domestic

  • Travel agents and young professionals.
  • Corporations, civic groups and nonprofit organizations, interested in incentives, retreats, field trips and fund raisers.
  • Internet users seeking sites related to travel.

According to USM is a leading provider of technology solutions and services, the average development cost of a travel app for Android or iOS may differ from $25,000 to $55,000 for a single platform. With an estimated number of 10,000 users, we can say that the total addressable market $250,000,000 to $550,000,000.

Innovation factor

                                                       Image from Pinoy Mountaineer Facebook Page.

Meet Jerald Polintan, who is visually-impaired, climbing Pico de Loro - a scenic mountain range in Maragondon, Cavite, Philippines. Our team was inspired by this photo, as it shows that travel is more than just the seeing of sights but rather an experience for all of the senses. It is indeed motivating as we ourselves, want to do this kind activity too, the soonest.   

With this motivation and inspiration brought by this photo, we innovated WTG App act as a catalyst that encourage people travel and try to feel the same way other experience it regardless of ability and disability. The more we see stories like this, the more we get uplifted. Users can message or call others to learn more with their experiences too.    

It is our world after all: get informed, get inspired & get going!  

Technical back-end

Our team is looking forward to learn using two powerful alternatives to Google Maps: Mapbox and OpenStreetMap and integrating API to ensure that the GNSS-related requirements (e.g. accuracy) for our solution are achieved. This includes database and server-side objects necessary for supporting functions of our project.

Types of Platform to improve further:

  • Mobile
  • Desktop

Proof of concept

                                                          You can view our prototype here.

Meet our Team

Our team shared the same skills as a researcher, UX/UI designer, and graphic designer. We thank you organizers for making this virtual hackathon full of fun and learning experience.