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👉 Oneliner

“The smart system that automatically alerts the fire departments and provides them the best map to travel to the fire accident using the combination of AI and GNSS technology”

💡Solution and Use case

When the fire accidentally happens in a hidden spot of a factory is detected by a CCTV, or happens in the wild area and get caught by the atmosphere monitoring system. The picture below shows our working process.

The uniqueness of our product :

  • Our product uses cutting-edge technology that can rescue and warn for fire natural disasters near real-time and fire accident in real-time. 
  • Our product can increase the efficiency of the fire department by reducing reach-time and providing reach-area issues if the fire cannot go to the area.
  • Our business model can make a lot of revenue because the product can reach many target groups such as the government agency, the properties owners, the Non-life insurer and Bank financial

🛰 Use of GNSS

Fire's emission sensors: We can detect the near real-time fire accident from many factors such as water vapor[1][2], smoke[3] or the heat. Which these kind of data, we can use Artificial Intelligence(AI) to detect for fire accident in the wood or some places we impossible to report the fire department early. 

🛰 Specific use of Galileo

We can use the positioning data using Precise Point Positioning (PPP) from Galileo High Accuracy Service(Galileo HAS) to locate the fire accident and the create only the available ways to navigation the fire department. In this way, we can reach the fire area shortly and reduce damage of the fire.

💹 Market potential

📳 Innovation factor

This project uses the cutting-edge technology of AI and data from the satellite to automatically make the effective rescue process to reduce time and damage of the fire disaster or fire accident.

🖥 Technical back-end


  1. The Server detects firing signal
  2. Create a map using Galileo’s positioning system. This map will provide only the possible path that a fire truck can go through using the measurement of the road’s width and the fire truck’s width. In case if the fire truck cannot go through the road, the system will suggest how long the fire area is from the fire truck, so the firemen can perform alternatively. 
  3. Alert the nearest fire department with the map and information. If the system found that the fire area is too large for one fire truck, then the system will alert another nearest fire department to help.
  4. Send SMS to civilians nearby the fire area.

👩‍🔧 Proof of concept


  • Pinmanee Seesorn Machine Learning Engineer
  • Nattamon Akkanet Statistics and Business Analyst
  • Kansuda Wayon Software Engineer
  • Kanlayanee Dumkasem Data Engineer