• The 9-Step Framework

The 9-Step Framework is a set of guidelines that will help you to better describe your ideas and project. Please note that you should fill in the information for each step and delete the bullet points that are meant to guide you through the process.

Step 1 - Oneliner

  • NDEA provides assistance to people at risk of Natural Disasters, the project provides early warning services, evacuation services, rescue operations, all assisted by GNSS signals. 

Step 2 - Solution and Use case

  • CHALLENGE #1 Emergency Applications
  • Southeast Asia is an area prone to natural disasters. Thailand is one of the countries that reside in this region. Thailand, over the years, has been experiencing numerous Typhoons, Storms, Earthquakes, and other natural disasters. Many locals, specifically the poor, the people who live in rural places, and people who have no access to roads, hospitals, or any help, have been suffering great loss and lack of emergency assistance. Our app aims to give emergency assistance throughout the event of a natural disaster: before, during, after. We aim to give access to all people and provide as much help as we can. This app will first be released in  Thailand, and if successful, can be released around the world.
    • Q1: What is the problem you are trying to solve? 
      • Lack of access to news for upcoming natural disasters.
      • Lack of information or news for available evacuation countries.
      • Lack of access to devices or any software/hardware to ask for help.
      • Lack of access to healthcare for health recovery.
      • Lack of access to shelter for home wreckage.
    • Q2: How can your solution be used to solve this problem?
    • NDEA will make sure that all families and community leaders are provided necessary devices for emergency assistance.
    • Our app provides access to live news, information, and evacuation centers prior to the Natural Disaster(without the use of an internet connection).
    • Our app provides access to help for emergency search and rescue missions.
    • NDEA will provide temporary assistance to the injured and to those who lost their homes.
    • Q3: How does your solution work?
      • NDEA with their possible sponsors will be raising a bill to provide every family in Thailand with one full-functioning mobile phone, with our app on it.
      • NDEA with their possible sponsors will be raising a bill to provide every community/barangay leader with one full-functioning radio, to communicate with potential sponsors to provide locations for evacuation centers.
      • Our app notifies all mobile devices(with our app installed on) before the natural disaster the live location on the map and exact coordinates of the natural disaster.
      • Our app issues an emergency notification to all mobile devices(with our app installed on) within the possible locations where the natural disaster will hit.
      • Our app can be used offline(without the use of an internet connection) to notify rescue services by the victims who are being affected by the natural disaster.
      • Our app can be used offline by rescuers to see all victims and will be ready to commence their rescue mission once the natural disaster calms down.
      • Rescuers will go to the locations of the victims and bring the injured to a healthcare center and bring the people who have suffered home wreckage to a safe house until the restoration of their homes commences.
  • Q4: Why is your solution unique?
    • Our solution gives 95% accuracy as to the pinpoint location coordinates.
    • Our solution provides a quicker and smoother flow for search and rescue situations, as essential as it is to arrive ahead of time as lives are at risk.

Step 3 - Use of GNSS

  • Our app will display the pinpoint location on the map and coordinates of the incoming Natural Disaster, with the assistance of a GNSS.
  • Our app will pinpoint the locations of victims who have asked for help amidst the Natural Disaster for the rescuers to see, with the assistance of a GNSS.

Step 4 - Specific use of Galileo

  • Fully interoperable with other GNSS constellations to ensure maximum range of locations.
  • Open service free of charge, delivering multiple frequencies for multiple people to have access to our app's key features.
  • Global high-accuracy service for free delivering down to 20 cm accuracy, to pinpoint locations of victims on rescuers maps.
  • The only constellation that provides signal and data authentication to display live data from the GNSS to our apps.


Step 5 - Market potential

  • What is your customer segment?
    • Our app will be free of charge and provided to all gadgets, tentatively within Thailand.
  • What is the total addressable market (TAM)? 
    • For our services, it will be government-funded and sponsor-funded.
    • Fundraising will always be open for people who wish to support NDEA's app and services.

Step 6 - Innovation factor

  • What is new and innovative about your solution?
    • Types of innovation:
      • We offer free of charge, offline, and an easy-to-use app to assist all people who are at risk of experiencing a Natural Disaster.
      • We will create an app, tailored to the convenience of our customers, with different language options, and a simply formatted design. It will display a map, and live pinpoint locations and exact coordinates of the movement of the Natural Disaster. It will also display another map of the regions that are at risk of being affected by the Natural Disaster. The app will release an emergency notification to all devices, with the app installed on, who are within the regions who are at risk of the Natural Disaster. Very soon, it will announce an evacuation alert. NDEA will also provide radios to Barangay leaders, to convey important information such as news and evacuation centers. Helicopters/buses will take all people within these regions to safe evacuation centers until the Natural Disaster is done. To those who may have been left behind in their homes, the app contains a Get Help feature that they will trigger, and rescuers will receive those coordinates and will be ready to commence their rescue mission once the Natural Disaster calms down.
      • We will provide special services to those in need of healthcare as a result of injuries caused by the Natural Disaster, as well as those who have suffered home wreckage caused by the Natural Disaster.
      • We offer our product and services to EVERYONE, within the region we will release our app, which is tentatively the country Thailand.
      • Our organization makes search and rescue a smoother and more efficient solution to those who have been affected by Natural disasters. We do this for the lives of many people who are unfortunate to be targeted by these malicious Natural Disasters. We are providing our services to give a wider range of people more access to help when they need it.
  • Where does it add value to existing market offers?
    • We believe our app and services will be a very helpful solution to risk reduction, early warning services, and search and rescue operations, so we believe it will result in many desirable outcomes. NDEA adds value to existing market offers by ensuring efficient and effective emergency assistance to those in need during the events of Natural Disasters. We help save the hopes and lives which is more valuable than anything else.

Step 7 - Technical back-end

  • Our most skilled programmers have worked on it using an interactive software called Figma.
  • We will ensure that the GNSS-related requirements for our solutions are achieved by numerous prototype testings and final product testings.
  • We will use an API to display Google Maps and use a GNSS to pinpoint accurate locations on the map.

Step 8 - Proof of concept

Step 9 - Team

  • Natalie Ventenilla - I am a student who is passionate about solving global problems. I am a former delegate of the Asian Youth International Model United Nations which gives me tons of experience in creating plausible solutions to urgent matters requiring precise and innovative resolutions. My skillset includes Leadership, Analytical and Logical Reasoning, Creativity, and Public Speaking.
  • Gabriel Asia - Developer
  • Chermie Moureen Rilloraza - I am a Computer Science student who possesses skills in C++, Digital Media Design, and Computer Graphics. I am also a creative and critical thinker. 
  • Rexus Gan - I am a student studying BS Aeronautical Engineering at an Aeronautical Technical School. I am knowledgeable about the framework and the understanding beneath the GNSS. I am a great critical thinker.