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  • Safe routes, safe lives and discover the best destination by Galiwander

  Solution and Use case


  • Nowadays, search engines and social media platforms are quite effective for tourism such as advertisers but these platforms are not varied in terms of places because there are few famous destinations presented. Moreover, almost all users usually turn to friends to seek recommendations for travel places, restaurants. They usually prefer to travel that were highly recommended by their friends rather than a random place. 
  • However, avoiding danger when traveling is very important also.
  • That is why we need to have some solutions to solve these problems which be able to promote local attractions and find the best route to go.

  Solution and How does it work

  Solution unique

  GNSS and Galileo

  • Using GNSS signal to position user location by Precise Point Positioning (PPP). Provide the best direction and precise navigation, Pedestrian Navigation, Car navigation.
  • Provide safety of life for tourists by search and rescue beacon (SAR) of Galileo. If the user presses a button to transmit an emergency beacon skyward with more rapidity and precision. Tracking tourist staying in the dangerous area by Geofencing virtually delimits a geographical area. Use Galileo signal to locate user precisely and provide interesting nearby places within a radius of 5 kilometers. Then, notify or offer a promotion to the user which are relevant to your geographical position. Users can receive vouchers for a free entrance, for example.

  Market Potential

Market Size

  • TAM: Worldwide tourist more than 399M
  • SAM: Active Social Media user in Thailand around 55M
  • SOM: User can trip with us 6.69M

Business Model

  • Customer Segments 1. The tourists of all gender and age who want to find new places and new experiences. 2. Place owners who want to sell their place
  • Value Proposition For the tourists 1. The varied places were highly recommended by their friends 2. Reduction of risk 3. Prevention of risk 4. Use full app. For place owner 1. Incremental revenue 2. Market Intelligence
  • Channel Advertise to the social media platform
  • Customer Relationships 1. Chatbot 2. Call center
  • Revenues Streams 1. Advertising from place owners 2. Premium content for tourists 3. Travel insurance
  • Key Resources 1. GNSS 2. Galileo 3. Brand 4. Social Media Data
  • Key Activities 1. Provide great customer support 2. Improve the app
  • Key Partners 1. GNSS 2. Galileo 3. Place owners 4. Insurance company
  • Cost Structures 1. Running cost of the platform 2. GNSS 3. Marketing

  Innovation Factor

  Technical backend

  Proof of Concept


  • Narikorn Phitagragsakul Product Designer & Researcher & Marketing
  • Vasin Sermsampan Product Designer & Researcher & Marketing
  • Nichanun Trakulphudphong GIS Analyst & Product Designer & Marketing
  • Peerada Munsilp Product Designer & Researcher & Marketing
  • Prandit Janthaman Product Designer & Researcher & Marketing