Team Dynamics is all about helping managers build better and productive teams. In a business setting, most work is accomplished by teams of individuals. Because of this, it is important for employees to have the skills necessary to work effectively with others. In today's corporate world of work from home and remote hiring, managers face a big challenge to build a productive team of individuals where not just technical skills, their interpersonal skills align as well. A team with great synergism is much more productive and have very few chances of conflicts.

Our Solution:

Team Dynamics is a complete application that provides managers with a lot of tools to form productive teams, instantiate team-building exercises, manage employee onboarding sessions. We are developing a mobile application where employees can create their professional profiles and join their organization's activity room. In the activity room, each participant will have a 1-on-1 session with all other participants for fixed time duration and after every interaction, each participant will provide feedback for other participants. The application will have both options virtual mode for video-calling and physical mode for face to face interactions. Based on the feedback provided by all the participants the application will perform various analytical and statistical operations and generate interactive visualizations and insights using which managers will have various options to form highly productive and efficient teams.

Our solution provides the best tools to incorporate culture and diversity in an organization and building teams where the complete potential of an individual are utilised with effective communication and great synergy between team members. 

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