Health information data needs are likewise changing the data looking for conduct and can be seen all throughout the planet. Difficulties looked by numerous individuals are looking on the web for wellbeing data in regards to illnesses, analyze and various medicines. On the off chance that a proposal framework can be made for specialists and medication while utilizing survey mining will save a great deal of time. In this kind of framework, the patient deal with issue in understanding the heterogeneous clinical vocabulary as the clients are laymen. Patient is confounded in light of the fact that a lot of clinical data on various mediums are available. The thought behind recommender system is to adjust to adapt to the uncommon requirements of the wellbeing area related with patient.

Problem Statement-


There are a few issues that the medical services area faces each day. Nonetheless, innovation can help you stay on top of things and assist at putting you among the top medical services suppliers. Here are some of the primary healthcare problems that this project will solve for a better and healthier world.

  • Healthcare web applications
  • Social Networking App for Healthcare Professionals
  • Cloud + Data analytics Capabilities
  • Prediction of diseases with symptoms 
  • Recommending doctors of nearby area
  • Location of pharmacies and hospitals 
  • Blogs and newspaper of health by single subscription

Our Solution-

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