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Beyond the lack of funds and coordination in NGO activity, there is also a lack of transparency in the management of existing funds. In turn, NGOs, according to the Diagnostic Report of NGOs in Portugal, allege difficulties in attracting financial support.

In light of these issues, the idea arose to develop NGO Cooperation, a platform that enables greater cooperation between NGOs present in the field in order to meet the needs of the population. In order to respond to all the issues listed above, the following functionalities are incorporated in this proposed solution:

  • Search - allows you to know which NGOs are present in each country; 
  • Statistics - presents, by country, data on the intervention of each NGO;
  • Requests for Help - on this tab, NGOs can request help from other NGOs in order to meet all the population's needs;
  • Feed - dissemination of the new projects initiated by the different NGOs;
  • New projects tab - This allows you to create and simultaneously and publicize new projects

We firmly believe that the use of NGO Cooperation will have a positive impact on NGOs, as it allows:

  1. A more sustainable and coordinated allocation of resources due to the existence of a broad view of all existing resources, as well as greater transparency in the actions of NGOs;
  2. The compilation of all new projects on a single platform;
  3. Greater transparency, since all the projects are published, as well as the allocation of resources made to each of them.

In order to ensure the usability of this solution in the countries where NGOs normally operate, which generally have low Internet rates, we have set as a goal the support of the application through cell phones typically used in the countries in question, thus contributing to an increase in efficiency in communication and transparency.

It should be noted that the application is being developed in Flutter, which allows the usability of this solution in Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and IOS. 

For more details about the NGO Cooperation please check the website, the APK below, or the QR Code attached.

Our team is composed of 6 elements: Fábio Mourão(Business Management), João Veloso(Computer Engineering), Mariana Mourão(Big Data Engineering), Mariana Vieira(International Economy), Martim Vieira(Electrical Engineering), Rita Rebelo(Computer Engineering) having previous experience in application development.

You can download our demo app below, by installing the APK on your android device.