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The Problem 😢 

The European Union is a complex political entity not well understood by Young citizens. They are becoming increasingly sceptical about its actual benefits, while being very well aware of its problems 📉. This does not allow the European Union to work towards its ultimate goals and creates unnecessary tension between its member states 😕, despite the fact that today’s Youth faces some of the biggest challenges humanity has ever faced. 😨

Our Solution 😎 

To tackle this, we propose an all-in-one mobile app 📱 that not only acts as a central source of information about the EU and our opportunities within it, but also enables the Youth to learn about it and how it can help tackle Global Challenges in an engaging 🤩 , bite-sized and gamified 🎮 way ❗️ On top of that it allows them to contribute to decision-making processes 🏛 and apply to volunteering and job opportunities 💼 , thus changing the future for the better❗️

App Demo: https://youtu.be/csTA1HCvVt4

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