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Fe Splitter

Simple but powerful native balance and ERC20 splitter - with dynamic address setting, unequal splits, locks, checks...

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Repo: https://github.com/miqlar/fe-splitter

Simple but powerful native balance and ERC20 splitter.

  • Supports native assets (ETH...)
  • Supports ERC20
  • Onwer (deployer) can:
    • add N addresses
    • remove addresses
    • modify split share for each address after setting it
  • Supports unequal splits
  • Has optional Locks
    • Time lock based on block_timestamp
    • Owner lock (so that owner cant modify addresses or shares in the future)
    • Definable onlySplitAfterLocked in deployment
  • Useful check functions:
    • Check if split is equal between all beneficiaries
    • Check if address is already an beneficiary

Telegram: @pyrohaze