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A Dex which uses the x^3y + y^3x >= k invariant to provide low slippage swaps for stablecoins. Implemented in Fe and providing several novel libraries such as ERC20 and a square root function

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# filo

Built by ControlCplusControlV, (@ControlCplusControlV on Telegram where I am reachable) as a submission for the [Fe hackathon](https://taikai.network/felang/hackathons/ist2023/overview)

filo, a Fe implemention of a Stable Swap AMM using the x^3y + y^3x >= k curve

## About

filo allows users to swap stable assets with each other minimizing slippage compared to a traditional Uniswap V2 pool, putting it on par with something closer to a Curve Pool. In order to implement Filo I built out an ERC20 Contract example (I couldn't find one for Fe, it may exist elsewhere), and a `sqrt` function, both of which are useful libraries and references for other developers

### Application


### Libraries



## Testing

Run the `./test.sh` file to the run the test suite of the pool. Based on the design of the AMM there is a lot of periphery I didn't have time to implement in this hackathon, but the core of the contracts do work in providing LP, removing LP, and swapping.