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ZinKedin is a Dapp and it's similar to "Linkedin" in web2. However, ZinKedin protects user data with ZK proof from leaking to others who doesn't be permitted!

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  • Gnosis Challenge


  • Gnosis Challenge
  • PSE
  • Thundercore
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Project Description:

ZinKedin is a web3.0 and ZK proof scenario of Linkedin. 

With ZinKedin,  all user data stores on chain and  belongs to the user, only the user can decide who can see his own data. (Our dapp DOES NOT store any data from user)  User can add verifiable experience and use RSA algorithm or UniRep zero-knowledge proof to encrypt their private data. Companies can post job hiring informations and achieve auto selection process on chain.

With ZinKedIn, we use POAP to issue certificates as NFT and utilize UniRep to make applying jobs in zero-knowledge proof. job seekers can prove that they meet the requirements of the position without providing private data.  

We all have fun during this ETHTaipei. Thank for holding this event!

Github link

Team Description:

姜林建宇 - Team Leader
C1em3nt - Short but handsome
icelin0130 - ICE NI LER <3
Leonsu - Muscle man
PanJohn - My English name is actually Peter


  • Gnosis challenge - Deployed our dApp on Gnosis chain and combine POAP in our project.
  • PSE - Use Unirep in our project to proof labor who is match the requirement.
  • Thundercore - Deployed our project on ThunderCore.