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A beginner-friendly Decentralised Quantitative Trading tool for Crytocurrencies. Start with Imitate.io, end with success.

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In 2022, the crypto world was hit hard by major losses from companies such as FTX, AXA, Celsius, Three Arrows, and more. We remember it like it was yesterday, and the pain is still fresh to me,  i could still remember how desperate i was, it still hurts when i recall.

As financial engineers, we certainly know that "not your key, not your coin" - but connecting a quantitative robot to a centralized exchange was the easiest option at the time.

Now let's face it, that method is no longer viable. We need to go back to the original intention of Crypto - solving the centralized trust issue. We need a solution that offers better security, transparency, time- saving and ease of use for all quantative traders.

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