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A world-changing E-voting DAPP based on ZK Semaphore and Cryptography. It’s secure and reliable. In addition, poll makers are able to set the poll as quadratic voting, providing more possibility.

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  • ZK
  • Gnosis Challenge
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  • Gnosis Challenge
  • PSE
  • Thundercore
  • Consensys



Project Description

A world-changing E-voting DAPP based on ZK Semaphore and Cryptography to achieve:

  • Poll Privacy: Utilizing Symmetric encryption to ensure poll information is kept private and only accessible to members within the voting group .
  • Soundness / Honesty: Identity secret to generate a specific voting proof cannot be traced back. Honesty of poll results can be verified by the public through decrypting the signal(on-chain) using the private key released at the end of the poll.
  • Anonymity: Using Semaphore-protocol to achieve that no individual in a group can be identified as the source of a specific voting signal(e.g., choosing option n).
  • Raise Public Awareness: Raise public awareness of different voting topics by including Quadratic voting option.

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Team Description

  • Yu-Sheng "TwinkleStar03" Lin
    • Idea Generator & ZK-Research & Overall Architecture Design
    • Smart Contract: Refactor and test Semaphore-protocol to support arbitrary serialized signal and deploy contracts to ThunderCore, Gnosis, Linea testnets
    • Frontend: Cryptography operation, Implemention of proof generation
  • You-Jia "YJH" Huang
    • Overall Architecture Design
    • Frontend: UI/UX design, Wallet integration, Implement logic to interact with smart contracts and process realtime blockchain information
  • Pei-Fan "PFC" Chen
    • Tool to get event logs from chains
    • Frontend: landing page UI/UX design, Metamask chain switching function
  • Yu-Tang "Altas" You
    • Objective clarification, Well-crafted presentation & demo video preparation


  • PSE
    • Utilize Semaphore protocol to achieve Anonymity and Honesty in the E-voting process.
  • ThunderCore
    • Deploy the StarVoting system onto ThunderCore, an efficient and stable chain that provides a great user experience.
  • Gnosis
    • Deploy the StarVoting system onto Gnosis testnet(Chiado) to expand our service coverage and benefit from the lower gas fees offered by the Chiado network.
  • Consensys<challenge2>
    • Deploy the StarVoting system onto Linea, the cool EVM equivalent zk-rollup platform.