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Introducing our Reputation Scoring Solutions, using Zero Knowledge Technique to let user prove their reputation score without revealing any private information!

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Project Description:

We build our on chain reputation proof service which named ZKore base on zero knowledge proof and soul bound token NFT.

Our service could let people using their his/her social credits like twitter account and mapping the reputation credits to  S, A, B, C grade, then add to corresponding Semaphore group. 

After this step, ZKore will generate a proof by zero knowledge Semaphore protocol for user.After zero knowledge proof generated, user can use another wallet address which doesn't has any relationship to previous personal information and the proof to mint the corresponding soul bound token NFT.

User can later use his/her wallet with soul bound token NFT to interact with other DAPP or application so that no any private information will be revealed.

The soul bound token reputation NFT could proof in many reputation-needing situation, for example, on chain money borrowing, NFT whitelist, prevent Sybil Attack.

Team Description:

- Roy - Smart Contract Developer

- Eric - Front End Developer

- Allen - AI & ZK Engineer