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Project Description

A fully on-chain spacing filling solution powered by Hilbert-curve and launched on the gnosis mainnet.

First, we use the Gnosis chain which is fast and cheap to solve the gas problem of our massive on-chain calculations.

Second, we use the Hilbert-curve algorithm to optimize the massive calculations that would otherwise be impossible to execute on-chain originally because of the complex check of land purchases.


Team Description

  • ETHGlobal winning team of the top 10 in the main judge - Probably Nothing Works.
  • Ray: Smart contract Dev
  • Abner: Frontend Dev
  • Akira: Backend Dev
  • Jason: Product manager, and they're also members of Probably Nothing Works


Challenge: Gnosis Chain.

We are optimizing the metaverse land selling problems and making it fully on-chain by the following solutions to make the previously impossible solution to possible.

First, Gnosis is a side-chain, so calculation on Gnosis is very cheap, so it is suitable for the extremely large amount of calculations that are fully on-chain.

Second, its native token xDAI is a stablecoin, so it's suitable for buying and selling because a stable coin allows users to calculate prices better

Combining the above two features, we believe that gnosis is extremely suitable for our protocol which requires a large number of on-chain calculations and transactions.