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Truth Social App

We are building a social media platform that addresses the growing issue of duplicate and fake news.

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GITHUB LINK -> https://github.com/Anandhfullstack/truth_social_dapp

Truth Social Dapp

What is Truth Social Dapp

Truth Social Dapp is a social media app that works to identify and stop the spread of fraudulent content, including photos, posts, and accounts. The program uses machine learning to spot fake images and text, and blockchain smart contracts to protect legitimate material.

Truth Social Dapp's major objective is to provide a trustworthy platform where users can freely distribute and consume information without fear of being scammed. The software uses cutting-edge technology to increase openness and honesty in online conversations.

Why We are Using Blockchain

This social media application's use of blockchain technology serves multiple essential purposes. It provides a secure and decentralized platform for storing user data, content, and interactions first and foremost. This means that the information shared on the application is not under the control of a single entity or organization and cannot be manipulated or censored by third parties.

Moreover, blockchain technology enables the implementation of smart contracts, which are agreements that can be programmed to execute automatically when certain conditions are met. This can aid in the enforcement of platform rules and regulations, such as those concerning content moderation, data privacy, and user safety.

Moreover, the use of blockchain technology can enhance social media interactions' transparency and accountability. It can, for instance, allow users to verify the authenticity of content and user identities, as well as monitor the origin and proprietorship of shared content.

This social media application's incorporation of blockchain technology contributes to the creation of a more secure, decentralized, and trustworthy platform for users to share and ingest content without the risk of deception, manipulation, or censorship.


Gnosis Chain : Chain is one of the first Ethereum sidechains and has stayed true to its values. By allowing contributors around the globe to easily run a node,

Python 3.8: Python is a high-level, interpreted programming language used for a wide range of purposes, including web development, data analysis, machine learning, and more.

Solidity 0.8: Solidity is a contract-oriented programming language used to write smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

React 17.0.2: React is a JavaScript library used for building user interfaces

Flask: Flask is a micro web framework written in Python used for building web applications.

Pinecone: A vector database

IPFS: IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) is a protocol and network designed to create a peer-to-peer method of storing and sharing hypermedia in a distributed file system.


Anandakumar Singaravelan

Pradeep Rajasekar

Karnan Gopalakrishnan

Michael Augustine