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A private chain security bridge using Gnosis Hashi. Build with Zero-Knowledge membership system and make sure the data can safety transfer to other private chain.

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Himitsu Description

Himitsu is a powerful tool that leverages Hashi to provide a secure and reliable cross-chain bridge solution. 

With Himitsu, you can easily create a RAIHO network that connects Fabric and Quorum. This means that any messages sent across the bridge are validated by multiple independent hash oracles, greatly reducing the risk of any security incidents.

Himitsu's RAIHO setup ensures that even if one of the hash oracles is compromised, the others can still be relied on to ensure the integrity of the cross-chain transactions. This provides peace of mind for developers and users alike, knowing that their assets are protected by a redundant and reliable system.

What we build?

1. Contract: a membership system to register their identity

2. Circuits: Zero Knowledge Proof to hide the personal information

3. Relayer: listen specific event from private chain and store hash in gnosis girigiriBashi

4. Others: oracleAdapter(using blockListener), fabric membership chaincode(without circuit)

Other Information

Slide: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1oJm2Np-uvUTRcr1kbfAMfZ25sI8AuAQr/