Inspired by the popular "Surface Tension Challenge" on TikTok, Shishi-odoshi is a party game aimed at revitalizing communication within DAO communities.

Github (Contract Addresses and testnet url are listed in Github)

Slides (About Shishi-odoshi)

How it's Made

The front-end framework is built in Nuxtjs. I dared to combine metamask-sdk, etherjs, and web3js and made a comparison. The API of discord is also used in the js to connect to the outside world. Hosting was done by vercel, and by integrating with github, we were able to build a CI/CD flow at an early stage. For the contracts we used foundry to easily test and deploy the contracts. Go is used to for the game master which is the one responsible for initializing and ending the games. 

Since everyone can see all the data in the blockchain we need to initialize every game with a hashed proof. The raw bytes used to generate the winningHash is derived from the combination of the bytes value of the randomly generated amount that would tip the bamboo (first two bytes) and the last 30 bytes come from the first 30 bytes of a randomly generated sha256 hash. For the back-end development, we used Python to seamlessly integrate the game with the Discord chat screen.


We are considering creating a hardware version of the game. We believe that the most important aspect of playing the game is the experience of tension while participating, and our goal is to maximize the enjoyment of this tension and excitement by physically manipulating the potential loss or gain of tokens. The game would undoubtedly be a hit when played in person at hackathons or events.

Additionally, we aim to enable more seamless and casual gameplay by integrating the game with biometric authentication-enabled wallets, such as those being developed by Intmax and others.