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The project focuses on Wallet and Gnosis challenge, our team comes from Taipei.

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A new era of Ethereum reform going where the research and development take us. Crypto wallet undergoing rapid development, and the ERC-4337 popularized in these two years have become the main features contributing to a drastic increase in wallet standard in the future, thus giving birth to the next generation Account Abstraction(AA) scheme. Compared to HD Wallet, AA wallet provides lots of benefits for the user. However, the social recovery still requires the proper process of user-friendly and seamless operation. A concept and demo was proposed in the project to try to improve it. 

There are three people who are Max Hsu, Ryan Xu and Garrick H.C. Chen in this team and hope to contribute something good to community.

Demo Page

After Demo for the question:

First of all, due to the time limitation, the project focus on Social Recovery which is one of significant  part of AA Wallet. We deployed a SimpleAccountFactory and SimpleAccount smart contract(the codes are elegant and artistic from Openzeppelin EIP-4337 Github ), before the deployment we put our social recovery function in SimpleAccount.sol for the testing and demo. The SimpleAccount.sol and front app code has uploaded to Assets. Then there are further studies which are needed in future:

1. Gas fee optimization of social recovery function.

2. Motivation for the guardian.

EntrypPoint: 0x0576a174D229E3cFA37253523E645A78A0C91B57(Origin on Chiado)
SimpleAccountFactory: 0x60f17A90aD97E229173579532a0a54B20079A212