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Curious Club

Users educating users in their same language and generating prosperity for all.

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Curious Club is a friendly way to learn about blockchain applications, Dapps, wallets, and protocol utilities in spanish and portuguese, shared in an exclusive club of web3 curious, earning bounties and bringing the user closer to the use of these new technologies.

Part of the bounties will go to the restoration of the Amazon through reforestation and ecological restoration programs, promoting cooperation mechanisms between Peru and Brazil, at the level of civil society and local communities.

Why join CuriousClub?

Earn bounties while learning and teaching in different formats

Better user experience for web3 beginners

How to earn bounties in CuriosClub?

Create your creator role Read our creator's manual Upload your content in the format of your choice (mp3/mp4 no longer than 5 minutes, pdf of maximum 3 pages) Sign the transaction with your wallet Wait for protocol validation The more likes your content has, the more opportunities to double your bounties you will have Withdraw your bounties in different tokens or traditional currencies.


A user who does not trust 100% in the token they will win will surely not participate for the bountie, so we think that the Celo-Chainlink integration was the biggest challenge we faced. We would like both the creator and the user to be able to withdraw their bounties in different tokens or traditional currencies, and we know that Chainlink through a smart contract for external payments allows it, but this network is not yet integrated with Celo.

What did we learn?

Expand our vision on ReFi, and meet some organizations in Brazil that support this cause.

The importance of scalability with content created from user to user and having an incentive

What we are proud of?

That Curious Club is an educational project by users for web3 users and that more people in this way can learn from new technologies bringing prosperity for all