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MetaSign is a dapp that provides electronic signature technology and digital transaction management services

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METASIGN is a decentralized signature request platform


The current and most popular signature request platforms are centralized and expensive. There have been many reports of these platforms suspending and de-platforming users, which has caused users to lose access to essential activities.

Also, Some of these platforms are not available in some regions and countries which leaves potential users in those regions/countries at a disadvantage.


The solution built is a decentralized signature request platform

METASIGN allows users to share documents and append signatures in a secure manner.

Users can access the platform from any region/country in the world without any fear of de-platforming or selling information to third parties because the core and leading features of the platform are smart contracts written and deployed to the blockchain network.

Some of the current features of METASIGN:

  • Upload and Sharing of Files
  • Instant deployment of contracts for each agreement
  • Instant minting of contract documents and signature
  • Access to view uploaded documents by parties involved
  • Access control for users


  • Solidity - The smart contracts is written in solidity
  • React.js - The frontend is built with React.js
  • Metamask SDK - Metamask SDK is used to connect to Metamask flask
  • Metamask snaps - Metamask snaps is used to send notifications to users on completion
  • IPFS - IPFS is used to store files
  • Linea - The smart contracts are deployed to Linea Mumbai


Live link: https://metasign.vercel.app/


  • video - https://www.loom.com/share/93128682c8e646f0a670973bde76d5df?sid=ab8bc8fc-d6e5-4e1e-b598-9e6a5b975ca0

  • snaps - https://github.com/Dayo-Adewuyi/MetaSign-Snap


  • users would be able to import minted documents into the signature canvas
  • Revamp of UI 
  •  Launch to the public