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Sukuma Markets

A p2p onchain marketplace.

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Sukuma Markets is a fully decentralized marketplace that enables user buy,sell or swap whichever tokens and cryptocurrencies they have. It enables them connect a variety of wallets including but not limited to Metamask. 

In addition users have the option of selecting which network they would like to use,it supports Base,polygon, Ethereum and other L2(layer 2s) .

What I love most about it is that it has no KYC, just connect wallet and do your business,the escrow smart contract really prevent against disputes that could arise. Finally it allows one receive fiat from whichever mode,the agree upon between participants of the trade.

This plays a really big role on easing On-ramp and Off-ramp .

Below are its github repositories:

https://github.com/SukumaSwap/sukuma_marketplace -Smart contract.

https://github.com/SukumaSwap/sukuma_evm - Frontend.