A Web3 application that makes it easy to advertise and apply for tenders

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Tenderhive is a revolutionary application designed to facilitate the posting, bidding, and tracking of tenders in kenya. Its primary goal is to enhance transparency and accountability in the tender issuance process while simultaneously reducing corruption and nepotism. The application leverages cutting-edge blockchain technology for achieving these objectives.

Problem Statement

Traditional Kenyan tendering processes often lack transparency, leading to inefficiencies and corruption. Nepotism and favoritism can also taint the process and this is usually realized later when a scandal occurs, making it challenging for qualified parties to participate.


Tenderhive offers a comprehensive solution by enabling organizations to post tenders on a blockchain-based platform. Registered users can securely submit their bids, and the entire process is transparent and immutable.

The application employs blockchain technology to record tender details, bids, and relevant company and compliance documents. This ensures that all actions related to tenders are verifiable and tamper-proof. Users can track the progress of tenders in real-time.

Tenderhive  aims to revolutionize the tendering landscape by fostering fairness, integrity, and trust in the process. It empowers both issuers and bidders to engage in a secure and accountable environment.

Stack used
  • Solidity.
  • Hardhat.
  • Ipfs
  • Reactjs.
  • Javascript.
  • Foundry.
Workflow used

Click on get started on the site.

Step 1 - Issuers post tenders on the blockchain from the post tenders tab, providing all necessary details and requirements.

Step 2 - Applicants view available tenders and select which to bid on;securely submit their bids for the tender and cloud-drive link(select file and click upload) to various documents required.

Step 3 - The tender poster receives bids and reviews the submitted bids and associated documents , making selections and rejections as necessary from the approve tab.Only the one who posted the tender can approve a bid.

Step 4 - When a bid is either rejected or approved, the application's status is updated accordingly and can be viewed in the my bids tab.

Step 5 - Users can monitor the status of tenders and who has been allocated in real-time under the tender allocation tab, promoting transparency and trust.

Tenderhive  is set to revolutionize the tendering ecosystem by embracing blockchain technology, ultimately promoting transparency, fairness, and accountability in the issuance of tenders.