Periwnkl is an Infrastructure building Project Inspired by Novel use cases that have been developed on Ethereum and Ethereum Like Blockchains, In particular it is inspired by Abstraction and also Delegation.

The aim is simple, Building Real life use cases taking advantage the strength and uniqueness of Blockchain Technology.

There have been too many instance of Africans and other people not getting what they were promised in contracts , Periwnkl is working to solve just that.

The first two products are WagePay and Stock Options Manager. 

Wagepay aims to solve the issue of ease of payment and trust for Africans and the whole world at large, the implementation is simple, smart contract taking advantage of the uniqueness of Blockchain infrastructures to ensure, employees always get what they deserve.

Stock Options Manager on the other hand is a simple application designed for making it easy for employees and users to get paid in stocks for their services. The beauty of it is these stocks wouldn't exist in  a vacuum, most real life use cases and privileges that are entitled to stock owners would still apply, in fact more use cases like easy delegation and using stocks as collateral for traditional finance loans would also be possible.

In the future more services and applications would be added, the long term development goal is to make these applications and services even more composable for users and developers