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A telegram bot that leverages the UTU Protocol to store and retrieve the reputation of telegram users.

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About Web3Guardian

Web3Guardian is a powerful and user-friendly telegram bot that leverages the UTU protocol's trust engine to enhance trustworthiness in online digital interactions.

The bot allows users to securely give and receive feedback from other users on Telegram, strengthening their reputation.

Problem Statement

Problem: Telegram users lack a reliable way to assess the reputation of fellow users.

Severity: This challenge exposes users to potential risks. Misinformation, scams, and unverified interactions can lead to significant harm, eroding the confidence that users should have in their online engagements.

Opportunity: This presents a unique opportunity where Web3Guardian powered by the UTU Web3 Protocol, is set to improve  how trust works in Telegram


Introducing Web3Guardian, a Telegram bot that provides reputation checks for users.

It utilizes the UTU Web3 Protocol to store user reviews on other users, enhancing trust and preventing spam by verifying their identity on the blockchain.

Bot Features

  • Submit Feedback: Write reviews for a user and provide them a  rating based on the provided context.
  • View Reputation: Check out a user's reputation (feedback and rating) given by other users and entities that interacted with the bot before.
  • Decentralized Storage: Create, store, and manage reviews and feedback in UTU's decentralized protocol.
  • Wallet Integration:  A web3 wallet connector, and sign a verification message to be able to interact with the Web3Guadian Telegram bot.

How to use the bot

To use the UTU Web3Guardian Telegram Bot, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to your web browser of choice and head to the bot
 Web3Guardian (UTU) telegram bot.

2. Click /start and connect your web3 wallet extension of choice (e.g. Metamask)

3. Enter a username whose review or feedback you want to view or give.

4. Choose whether you want to View a User's Reputation or Submit a Review on a User.

5. Based on your choice in step 4 above: 

The first option returns the reviews given by other users and yours as well.  Write down feedback for a user and give them a rating on a scale of 1-5 if you choose the 2nd option.

6. Confirm your choice and click /start to start another session or /reset to reset the bot.

Market Opportunity

Telegram users, especially those concerned about trust.

Many people use Telegram, and they want to feel safe while interacting. With Web3Guardian, we're meeting this need in a growing community.

Future Plans

  • Allow users to interact with our bot via group chats in addition to direct messages.
  • Support wallet mobile apps (at present only browser extensions are supported).

Current Challenges

  • Adding support for endorsements (transactions to smart contracts have to be carried out by the wallet without sharing details such as the private key with the dApp and this is only possible client-side however our app is server-side)

Growth Strategy

We plan to  engage telegram communities and forums  to gather feedback and promote awareness .

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