About us

We're building a platform that allows cryptocurrency holders to effortlessly and directly utilize their crypto assets to cover essential utility service payments and also access loans using their crypto holdings as the loan collateral. 

Our mission

Unleash the value of crypto assets by integrating cryptocurrency into the real world economy.

Our vision

To transform the crypto community by empowering individuals to optimize the value of their assets, utilizing them as collateral for loans, and simplifying utility service payments in Kenya and Africa at large.

Problem / Challenge

  1. The current process of off-ramping crypto through peer-to-peer and settling bills is strenuous, cost-intensive and susceptible to scams.
  2. In 2023, despite the growing number of crypto holders in Kenya and Africa, there remains a noticeable absence of platforms that provide direct crypto-backed loans denominated in the local currency.


  1. A secure platform enabling effortless bill settlements in cryptocurrency while seamlessly processing payments in local currency.
  2. A pioneering borrowing and lending protocol for crypto backed loans denominated in local currency.

Key features

1. Settling utility bills using crypto assets

2. Access loans using crypto holdings as loan collateral

Use cases

1. Payment

Peter, a cryptocurrency holder, is seeking an effortless method to cover his utility bills using his crypto assets. Upon logging into our platform, he chooses the specific utility services for payment, confirms the transaction either by utilizing his cryptocurrency holdings or connecting his wallets like MetaMask, and promptly receives confirmation of the completed payment.

2. Lending

Sarah finds herself in need of a loan to address unforeseen expenses, yet she is reluctant to part with her valuable crypto assets. Sarah initiates a loan application through our platform, offering her crypto holdings as collateral. Upon approval, she obtains the desired loan amount and subsequently repays the loan, thereby regaining access to her crypto assets.

Target Market

  • Crypto assets holders
  • Crypto enthusiasts
  • Traders
  • Merchants


1. Technical architecture and development

a. Blockchain integrations:-

Base Chain - integration with Base Chain, allowing users to leverage gasless USDC transactions on Base to transfer value between the two protocols and make direct utility service payments much faster, more cost-effective, and less strenuous compared to P2P off-ramping platforms.

b. Frontend & backend development:-

Develop a user-friendly interface using modern web technologies such as vue js.

Build a robust backend that integrates with the chosen blockchain, smart contracts, and utility service APIs.

2. Financial strategy and sustainability

Implement transaction fees and commissions from utility services as a revenue model  that will sustain further platform development and ensure long-term viability.

Design a model to incentivise users with commissions after utility services utilization.

3. Logistical aspects

a. Conduct a soft launch to a limited audience, gather feedback, and make necessary improvements.

b. Execute marketing strategies to promote the platform and attract users, including leveraging social media, partnerships, and targeted campaigns.

c. Optimize the platform based on feedback and data insights, and plan for scaling as user adoption increases.

Potential impact

  • Enabling crypto asset holders to access vital utility services, thereby fostering greater financial inclusivity.
  • Enabling swift and effortless payment of utility bills using crypto assets, enhancing convenience and simplifying financial transactions.
  • Reduces transaction fees associated with converting crypto to fiat for utility payments, saving users money in the long run.
  • Driving technological innovation by integrating blockchain and crypto technology into mainstream utility services, fostering a culture of continuous development and adaptation.
  • Stimulating the growth of the crypto ecosystem by providing a practical and essential use case for cryptocurrencies, attracting more participants and developers to the crypto space.

Team and roles

1. Mr. Samuel Gitonga holds the position of Project Manager, guides the progress and timelines of development. He emphasizes efficient team coordination and alignment with the project's objectives.

2. Mr. Derrick Bundi is a seasoned software engineer, offering technical expertise, steering architecture decisions, and ensuring strict adherence to the highest coding practices and standards for the project.

3. Miss Lynette Mwangi & Cecilia Mulandi are our imaginative UI/UX Designers, tasked with creating an intuitive and visually captivating user interface. They focus on elevating user experiences and transforming concepts into captivating design elements.

Future enhancements

Our project's vision expands far beyond the hackathon, embodying a steadfast dedication to transforming the way people engage with their crypto assets and utility services. We envision a comprehensive and user-friendly platform, seamlessly blending crypto asset usage with utility payments. This platform will provide a wide array of services, fundamentally reshaping conventional financial transactions. Here is a glimpse into our long-term vision beyond the hackathon:

  • Diversify the range of utility services accessible through our platform, including but not limited to airtime, internet, electricity, and more.
  • Extend the platform's availability to a global audience, allowing users from different regions to utilize their crypto assets for utility payments and loans.
  • Incorporate a variety of popular cryptocurrencies, ensuring users can utilize a wide spectrum of crypto assets for their transactions.
  • Continuously optimize the platform's user interface and experience to ensure effortless navigation, making it easy for both crypto enthusiasts and novices to utilize the services.
  • Introduce innovative loan products and financial services, allowing users to leverage their crypto holdings as collateral for loans with competitive terms and rates.


Pretium Finance aims to encourage the development and uptake of web3 technologies by tackling challenges within the crypto ecosystem. This initiative aims to improve financial inclusivity and accessibility, streamline the utilization of cryptocurrencies for day-to-day utility payments, and minimize associated expenses like transaction fees.

Contact information

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