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Zola is blockchain scaling solution that uses escrows in order to improve web3 payment experience. Whether you want to buy or sell products or services, Zola lets you do it anonymously and securely.

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Zola is blockchain scaling solution that uses escrows in order to improve web3 payment experience.


(team contact to share the judging details)After submission, this person should be constantly checking discord for updates

discord: nevvdevv

tg: Someone_Nevv

REPOSITORY WITH PROJECT'S CODE (should be open and public)


VIDEO DEMO (3 min max) -

The contract address(es) or website URLs of your deployed application, either on a testnet of your choice or mainnet of a platform of choice. 📂📂 (NOT mandatory)

deployed contracts on goerli

  • MerchantEscrow - 0x1ea8cBE611724371f5F921F8d57D0cebb41C20F0
  • ENSCaller - 0x734AedcAB7a051e2Cbae5E21F693Ec0E5AE17133


Keyko - This challenge involved a scenario where money is sent to an incorrect/ unknown address. Our solution aims to help with that by including a way for users to request a refund of ERC20 tokens from the escrow before they can be claimed by a third-party. This step in the middle require user to provide a reason which is then reviewed by a trusted owner address that could be managed by a multi-sig, DAO or individual.

Railgun - In the core of our project lies the idea that everyone deserves access to more user-friendly and privacy respecting payment solutions. Railgun is one of the best tools that could be used for that. We’ve started implementing Railgun recipes into our dApp since the first day working along core contributors that were in the venue. Unluckily few existing bugs within the packages prevented us from fully finishing implementation in time, nonetheless we’ve learned a lot about the project and helped discover problems that other builders might stumble upon when choosing to create with Railgun in the future.

BuidlGuidl - we’ve based our application on the Scaffold-ETH 2 template. Having it as a starting point was a huge help and something that greatly contributed to the fact that we were able to progress so quickly during these few days.

ENS - We’ve created the smart contract and we integrated it into the dapp. It uses both subdomains and text records Text Records to provide better user experience for users.

The Graph- We’ve deployed our own subgraph for the Escrow Merchant smart contract. We wanted to make it easier for other projects and individuals to access and integrate data from our solution.

Interface - Zola is a user-focused application that drastically reduces friction and improves user experience when it comes to payments on the blockchain.

Gnosis chain - The Challenge - 💡Open Innovation on Gnosis Chain, we’ve deployed our smart contracts to the gnosis chain testnet