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ENS Raffles

Our dapp is an ENS domain raffle system, in which tickets are purchased on Arbitrum network, via Chainlink a winner is selected, who can make claim of the won domain on Ethereum network

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Our objective is to create a space dedicated exclusively to ENS domain, where small holders can enter ENS domains space with a small ticket entry. 
The main difference from marketplace is that Domains here are sold via a raffle process. 

Basically, a domain owner can offer his domain for sale through a raffle, which takes place on Layer2 (right now Arbitrum). 

Anyone interested can purchase tickets on the Arbitrum network, and at the end of the process, a winner is identified in a trustless way via Chainlink. The winner can redeem his or her domain on the Ethereum network.

As it is designed, ENS Raffles allows for several advantages:

1.the main page is dedicated to ongoing raffles, with a maximum limit of 10 simultaneous raffles shown in the main page
2.joining the raffle is very cheap thanks to transaction costs on Arbitrum network for the purchase of tickets
3.a Referral Link system allows bloggers and influencers to help promote auctions of their interest
4.a raffle calendar allows the most interesting raffles to be added to Calendar
5.users can spend $ENR tokens to push their raffle on the main page

At the moment, ENS Raffles is available on testnet (Eth Goerli & Arbitrum Goerli). 
We weren't able to integrate new tecnologies this weekend because our tech team had some issued. But we want to show you our project

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