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A visual builder for web3 forms. Like Typeform but with web3 capabilities.

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Lario is the Data Collection layer for Decentralized Organizazions

Data collection flows simplified

With Lario's intuitive visual form builder, create everything from simple application forms for your upcoming DAO initiatives to intricate onboarding processes for new members. Seamlessly verify on-chain activities and issue credentials directly on the blockchain.

Clear and discoverable data collection requirements

Lario enables DAOs to publish form schemas as an onchain attestation using EAS. This provides clarity on what data is needed for reporting and survey, offers a tamper-proof record of these requirements, and ensures that any changes or updates are transparently logged on the blockchain and subject to the DAO governance procedures.

Streamlined Governance and decision making

Onchain ad offchain attestations provide transparent and verifiable data records, assisting DAOs in making informed decisions based on the insights derived from the data. With Lario governance actions are rooted in evidence and the genuine needs and feedback of the community without compromising privacy.


Form attestation schema
Base Goerli: 0x42f0c15d35e3a6560d0bac12f25a472db13ab169f4ee7528cb56b624da48e100

Basic form attestation 
Base Goerli: 0xaa8ed4b6ad1ad5a52fe365b6591ed1813cc2778d13260ad41331990d7ab03d88



Gnosis: Lario is the best self-sovereign survey infrastructure and it's a public good

Base: all form attestation are issued using EAS deployed on Base Goerli testnet

ENS: connect wallet step shows ens name when available after connecting the wallet. You can also set a form schema attestation as TXT record to show your DAO's data collection schemas

DataverseOS: I haven't integrate it yet but it's a good candidate to store offchain attestation issued to users

Sismo: I haven't integrate it yet but it's a perfect use-case for the "verify reputation" step.