Greenroom is a platform that makes tech event participation seamless by leveraging web3 identity primitives to maximise both the event creator and participant experiences before, during and after the event; event creation, vibe-check, leveraging/building on-chain reputation, seamless on-boarding and ticketing, automated payouts and smart-networking.

Currently application experience for tech events, primarily hackathons is a bit all over the place. Applications are non-reusable (god forbid if you have to fill a Google form each time), tickets are sent by email, payments are processed via third party payment providers, networking is off-platform (Discord/Telegram) and managing them all is god's work

Greenroom combines these to have an end all solution in your palm. 
Why do we call it Greenroom? A greenroom is an away from the lights chill-out zone where you vibe with like minded folks and cut off the noise from the crowds where rep is your invite. That's what we are building.

So how does it all work?

- An event organiser creates an event on Greenroom's smart contract. You just provide the name and dates and pay a staking fee (to keep out the bots and also keep bad actors away). The event metadata is stored on IPFS to keep the contract light, the event dates are essential since payouts and attendee participation is handled on-chain.

- A participant creates a bio on Greenroom once and gets an NFT for their profile with their skills as attributes. This profile also aggregates from other on-chain platforms (Otterspace, Lenster, Mazury, etc) along with previous POAPs from other events added to your badge. 

- Your profile is your application itself and with each event you attend, it builds your rep.

- The payments are handled on-chain using Chainlink Keepers to trigger time-based unstaking upon event completion. Once an event is concluded, the

- We are currently deployed on Mantle because rare earth metals like Goerli were hard to find. 

Tech used: 


We are using Rocketkit to create the UI for event creation.  We use DappKit from LayerX to issue event tickets. 


A keeper is set up for automated unstaking of creation fee upon event conclusion to make the experience easier for organisers.


Being an EVM compatible sidechain, it took just minutes to migrate from ETH Testnet to Mantle for a fraction in gas costs.


Built on ETH, our project is chain-agnostic so we can deploy on any EVM compatible chain.


The iOS dapp uses WalletConnect to authenticate with your mobile Metamask wallet. It experience can be viewed in our demo here:

Known issues:

1. We understand that an NFT bio is not optimum and poses a privacy risk and we plan on addressing this by using Digital IDs in the future and be selective about what data is shared. Another line we are exploring are ZK proofs to vet attendees and keep their bio private.

2. The project is deployed on Mantle so automated unstaking (Chainlink Keeper) doesnt play well with it yet.

3. Theres no way to protect against event rug pulls (think Fyre festival) but we can add an on-chain check before ticket payouts are processed. 

Github :

Discord contact: alok#0583