The DVT Launchpad leverages the power of IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) to make these UIs more accessible and censorship resistance. By using IPFS, the DVT Launchpad ensures that DVTs can be accessed and shared more without restrictions, without relying on centralized servers or infrastructure.

Each DVT will have a standardized API so that any system that facilitates being a "node runner" can implement it and remains client agnostic, Dappnode, Docker services and others.

Overall, the DVT Launchpad is a promising project that aims to make staking more accessible, decentralized, and user-friendly.

To use the DVT Launchpad, users simply need to create a wallet and transfer tokens. From there, they can navigate and validate using a wide range of DVTs, all of which are securely stored on the Ethereum blockchain and accessible through IPFS.

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