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web3 gumroad - easiest way to sell digital goods and educational content

  • 10,347 Raised
  • 20 Juries


  • Gnosis Chain - Bounty #1
  • Dataverse - Bounty #1
  • Mantle - Bounty #2
  • Mantle - Bounty #3
  • Mantle - Bounty #4



Gumroad is the easiest way to sell digital goods and educational content in web2. 

It's popular because of its simplicity.

We recreated Gumroad with crypto at its core with the top priority being simplicity and UX for new users to onboard the next billion into web3.

How it works:

- Seller provides a file + price

- Seller receives link and qr code and shares

- Buyer pays and unlocks download

- Profit 💰

Live Site:

Pitch Deck PDF: 

Pitch Deck Live ( on Pitch(.)com )

Gnosis Chiado Contract:

Mantle Testnet Contract:

How its built: 

Listing a product creates a new token on an ERC1155 contract.
Buying a product mints a soulbound NFT that gives access to the content. 
We use web2 storage and create links that only work for 1 minute with NFT ownership validated server side to gate access to the content. 

We leverage lots of great tools like next-auth, siwe, supabase, and rainbowkit to make this easy. ( Full list in github readme )

Users get access to real world on and off ramps via an integration with Monerium and Safe SDK to really smooth out the experience. IBAN on-ramps FTW. 

We are live on Gnosis and Mantle. Low gas fee's are the future of ethereum and quality UX. 

Why is this product important?

We believe that there is nothing more important than fueling financial freedom. We want to make it as simple as possible to sell digital goods and monetize your skills.

When you earn in crypto you don't need to wait for onramps, use KYC or get permission from your government. 

You just need to click sell.


Gnosis Chain Bounty #1 Euro Ramp App:


We are aiming for the best possible UX with a web2 feel. We allow sellers to take their earnings into the real world via IBAN off-ramp with Monerium, getting the money directly in your bank account.

For those who don't own crypto we also let users fund their wallet in app via bank transfer to an IBAN and allow purchases in EURe token. 

In order to do this, we built an on-ramp Monerium adapter for the Safe account abstraction SDK.

Mantle: Bounty #2: Best NFT Project:


NFT's are not just art. They are infrastructure to power the next generation of consumer apps. 

We used NFT minting, gating and purchases to power our sales process so that the entire composable NFT ecosystem can add to the experience. 

Mantle: Bounty #3 Best UX:


We did everything possible in a 48 hour window to have a slick UX (mobile friendly!)

Our users "Login" vs "connect" wallet.

We have nearly invisible fee's and a fast interface. 

We leverage web2 systems on purpose to let the tech get out of the way of the users goal. Selling product. 

Mantle: Best Public Goods Project:


There is more important public good than fueling individual financial freedom. 

When you earn in crypto you don't need to wait for onramps, use KYC or get permission from your government. 

You just need to click sell.

What we would do with 48 more hours:

Coinbase Wallet As A Service
User no longer needs to interact with wallet at all ( unless they want to )

Arweave File Storage + Lit Protocol Encryption
Files are permanent and encrypted

Host Frontend on IPFS via Fleek
Front end no longer relies on team paying server bills

Github Repo: ( Includes tech stack and more )


Thanks Everyone!

EthPorto has been excellent. 🎉