OnchainVerifier Contract

DailyDrip Contract

Chainlink UpKeep



  • Sismo Bounty #1: We use zkConnect to allow existing members of the group to vote on members and submit new members for approval.
  • Sismo Bounty #3: We developed a new Data Provider that queries on-chain data to award badges to approved members (addresses with at least 2 upvotes).
  • Sismo Bounty #5: Voting is performed using hashes of the addresses, so transaction data does not include the real address.
  • LayerX Bounty: We use rocketKit for the UI elements (grid, button, tables, forms) and dappKit to interact with the OnchainVerifier and DailyDrip contracts (query data and call functions).
  • Chainlink Bounty: We use Chainlink Automation Job Scheduler to call the DailyDrip “drip” method every day at 12h UTC. Our goal was to use Google Weather Oracle to call the method whenever the temperature differential from day to day is too high, but it was not available on Polygon Mumbai.